How Do I Calculate My Car Payment with Trade-in Value?

Updated June 08, 2021

"What's My Monthly Car Payment After I Trade in My Old Vehicle?? 

Before buying a new car and trading in your old vehicle, check out our auto loan calculator with trade in. It will calculate your monthly loan payment and display your payment schedule. 

New Car Purchase Price:
Down Payment:
Trade In Value of Your Old Vehicle:
Loan Term (years):
Annual Interest Rate (%):
= New Loan Amount
= Monthly Payment

My Monthly Car Payment Will Be...

If you buy a car for  , make a   down payment, and you get   when you trade in your old vehicle, then you'll end up with a car loan of  . Based on that   loan at   interest for   years, your monthly payment would be  .

Your monthly payments will remain the same throughout the term of your loan. However, the amount applied to principal and interest will change each month (as shown in the schedule below).

See your full car loan amortization schedule


Your monthly payment will vary based on the:

  • cost of your new vehicle
  • value of your trade in
  • interest rate on your loan
  • length of your loan (also called the "loan term").

How to Use Our Car Trade-in Calculator

Your monthly payment will vary, based on the cost of your new vehicle, the value of your trade in, the interest rate on your loan, and the length of your loan (also called the "loan term").

Let’s assume your new car has a purchase price of $30,000. You plan to make a $5,000 down payment, your old vehicle has a trade-in value of $10,000, and you plan to finance the purchase for a term of 5 years at 6% interest. 

Adjust the data below to calculate your monthly payment based on the details of your new car purchase and your trade-in value.

Our vehicle payment calculator with trade in will determine your new monthly payment and a full repayment schedule.