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What is the Paris Hilton Stock Index?

The Paris Hilton Stock Index is a list of companies that benefit from the actions of and associations with Paris Hilton.

How Does the Paris Hilton Stock Index Work?

The index contains the following stocks:

News Corporation (NYSE: NWS), which owns her reality TV show The Simple Life
Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), which broadcast her famous interview with Larry King after her jail release
Daimler AG (NASDAQ: XETRA) , which makes Mercedes-Benz cars.
Carl Karcher Restaurants (NYSE: CKR), which owns the Carl's Jr. chain for which Hilton is a spokesperson (NYSE: AMZN), which manages Hilton's jewelry line
CBS Corporation (NYSE: CBS), which, through its Simon & Schuster arm, publishes her book
Guess, Inc. (NYSE: GES), which manufactures clothing for which Hilton is a spokesperson

Why Does the Paris Hilton Stock Index Matter?

Paris Hilton is an heir to Conrad Hilton's famous fortune from the Hilton hotel chain. Her affluence, documented through television shows, press reports, and other means, has attracted a league of followers and interested fans. Accordingly, many people see and acquire the items she may be photographed wearing or using, giving a boost to those companies.

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