What is Pro Rata?

Pro rata refers to the proportional distribution of a sum across a number of units.

How Does Pro Rata Work?

A Latin term meaning 'in proportion,' pro rata is a method of allocating fractional amounts of something equally among all parts of a whole. Where interest rates are concerned, the practice of pro rata allows a periodic interest rate to be divided into smaller units (e.g. converting an annual rate into a monthly rate). This action is called 'prorating' and may be used in reference to a bond being sold at discount; to a total dividend as divided among entitled shares of stock outstanding; or to an annual insurance premium adjusted for the remaining number of months in the year following the purchase of a policy.

To illustrate, suppose company XYZ declares a $1 million cash dividend. There are currently one million entitled shares outstanding in the market. Company XYZ, therefore, prorates the dividend to $1 per share based on the following math:

$1,000,000 dividend / 1,000,000 shares outstanding = $1 dividend per share outstanding

Why Does Pro Rata Matter?

The pro rata system provides a method for allocating single-unit amounts among several smaller units. This becomes particularly important for the sale and purchase of time-sensitive items such as interest-bearing securities and annual contracts or periodical subscriptions.

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