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What is a Road Show?

A road show is a presentation made about an investment opportunity usually given by a representative of a company at the offices of potential investors.

How Does a Road Show Work?

Businesses must travel and meet with potential investors, partners and customers to gain their support. One of their key marketing tools is a powerful, succinct presentation of the business case for the product or investment opportunity. Road shows usually include a very high level version of the company's business plan, including the background of the company, experience of the management team, product features, analysis of the competitive landscape, and expected (and actual) results. The presentation is referred to as a road show.

Road shows are usually electronic presentations accompanied by physical samples of the product and the presentation itself.

Why Does a Road Show Matter?

Businesses have very little time to make a sale with a prospective client. The decision to buy or invest is made during the first few minutes of a road show. At the same time, road shows are expensive to put together and undertake (i.e., multimedia, publications, travel, etc.). Therefore, the quality of the road show, in addition to the personnel involved, must be of the highest standard.

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